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Artist Spotlight: Emerging Pop Artist, ACORN, Teases New Single “Anti-Social"

ACORN is the pop alter ego of the country singer Alexandria Corn. Pop Hearts TV described her sound as if Dua Lipa and Halsey were to come together - I’d agree, but I’d also say there’s definitely some Kelsea Ballerini vibes added into the mix.

Vibrant, upbeat pop songs characterize her music made complete with catchy melodies and relatable lyrics. ACORN’s first single, “Bitch,” is an unapologetic bop with a driving beat that is very reminiscent of Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia album. Her second single, “Space,” is a softer tune that gives us a peek into ACORN’s vulnerable side. With “Space,” you see a little bit of ACORN’s country roots sneaking in, which marries perfectly with the vibes of the track.

ACORN is gearing up to release her third single, “Anti-Social,” - out on Friday. A track about being out and just wishing you were back at home, “Anti-Social” includes lyrics like “I would rather be home right now/ Eating peanut butter jelly on my couch/ I don’t wanna risk seeing my ex out/ Because the way that I feel right now…” - and honestly, same.

In a recent interview with ACORN, we talked about the story behind “Anti-Social,” how the ACORN project was born, and which artists give her a little shuffle shame. Check it out below!

YMM: Who is ACORN? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A: I wanted something vibrant and fun, full of life. The ACORN project was supposed to be a joke at first. I wasn’t planning on taking it seriously, but I fell in love with writing some of the songs with Nashville singer/songwriter/producer: Khiana Meyer. I told Khiana what my idea was behind the project, and she was fully on board. She really brought it all to life. With only two songs out right now, ACORN is already thriving and on a roll.

YMM: How would you describe your sound?

A: When creating my new sound, I really wanted something fun and something that people can lyrically relate to, even though it may be told differently than if I wrote it in a country song.

YMM: Which bands/artists/writers do you draw inspiration from?

A: I am a big fan of some of the up-and-coming Pop artists like Fletcher, Olivia Obrien, Carlie Hanson, Charlotte Lawrence, UPSAHL, & Tate McRae. But I have always been a big fan of Halsey & Miley Cyrus. As you can tell, I am very much into supporting Women in Music. We need more of it. It’s so difficult to pick artists I draw inspiration from because I listen to everything from Country to Alternative to bedroom pop.

YMM: What’s the story behind “Anti-Social”? What inspired the track?

A: I wrote "Anti-Social" with two of my good friends, Khiana Meyer and Jackson Nance. The song was inspired after I had a terrible night out on the town. I usually won't go out if I am not feeling it, but I had some friends in town who really wanted to go. I forced myself to go and to try to have a good time. From the start, everything was going wrong, which really put me in a very anti-social mood. My friends ended up making friends with a few girls waiting in line behind us to get into a bar, and usually, I'm an extremely easy person to get along with. I tried to hide how I was feeling (I just wanted to go home). But the girls knew right away and turned to me and said, "You know, we can all tell you don't want to be here, and you look like a b*tch." HAHA. I COULDN'T BELIEVE what I had just heard. I totally got called out by a girl I had never seen in my life before. I went home after that, and we wrote this song.

YMM: Do you have any writing or performance rituals?

A: Before performing, I always get with my band and say a prayer. We go around the circle and say something we are grateful for and how God has blessed us. It really keeps me sane.

YMM: Who have you been listening to lately?

A: I have two albums right now on repeat: Miley Cyrus- Plastic Hearts and an artist known as Bryce Vine. He has some really cool sh*t. I also newly fell in love with Ruston Kelly. Gosh dang, those vocals get me every time.

YMM: Do you have any guilty pleasure songs or bands that give you a bit of shuffle shame?

A: Honestly, Taylor Swift. I know every song off of every album, and there's no shame in that! There is literally a song of hers for every single instance that I am going through in my life, and that right there- is a true songwriter.

YMM: What’s next for you? Do you have anything in the pipeline you can tell us about?

A: A lot more music to come! My goal was to release at least five singles back to back, give or take a month in between. I really am just ready to put as much music out as I can as an artist. Because, in a way, I feel like I am starting a whole new chapter of my career. I want to keep people interested and wanting more. You can expect some videos to be coming out soon as well!

Anti-Social” is out this Friday everywhere you can stream music. You’ll definitely want to pre-save this one - It’s sure to be a bop! Be sure to follow ACORN on Instagram for the latest updates.


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