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LVRBOY and Leah Sykes’ “all my friends are sad” embodies my 2020 mood

My favorite sad boy is back defending his title with a track that’s basically my entire mood for 2020. “all my friends are sad” addresses the fact that most of us are not okay right now in a melancholic duet featuring artist and songwriter, Leah Sykes.

LVRBOY said, “‘all my friends are sad’ is based on the idea that we didn’t have a care in the world as kids and our parents always told us everything would be alright when, in fact, a lot of people are not okay right now.”

image of a boy and a girl in a dark parking lot with fall leaves on the ground

Wishing for the golden glow of the good times, LVRBOY and Sykes sing, “we’re all pretending that we’re fine, but all we wanna do is cry. Where did it all go wrong, just putting a smile on, and now I’m always looking back now that all of my friends are sad…” If you can’t relate to those lyrics right now, please transport me (and the rest of us) to your 2020 experience.

Featuring enchanting harmonies, dreamy melodies, and lyrics that will hit you right in your feels, LVRBOY and Sykes deliver a wistful, yet beautiful track that is highly relatable and perfect for rainy day listening (or anytime you want to be in a moody sort of mood).

all my friends are sad” is available anywhere you can stream music - make sure to give this one a listen - and follow LVRBOY and Leah Sykes on Instagram for their latest updates. While you're at it, go ahead and give Your Music Muse a follow too.


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