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LVRBOY Relives the Drama of On/Off Relationships in “CRYING ON THE PHONE”

Less than two months after dropping his debut EP, our favorite sad boy artist, LVRBOY, is back with a catchy synth-pop bop that will have you reliving the drama of all your on-and-off-again relationships. Complete with lush synths and pensive lyrics, “CRYING ON THE PHONE” embodies the angst of all those relationships that kept your head spinning.

The indie-pop artist is quickly creating a signature sound that puts him in the same league as fellow sad boy icons LANY, Lauv, gnash, and Jeremy Zucker. Characterized by gut-wrenching lyrics, catchy hooks, and moody synths, LVRBOY’s music makes heartbreak palatable while not detracting from the pain and loss that often accompanies a breakup.

CRYING ON THE PHONE” showcases his ability to write relatable breakup anthems that don’t leave you feeling bitter. LVRBOY will have you in your feels, wistfully recalling past loves, but will leave you feeling hopeful about the future.

LVRBOY gave me a peek into the creation of the track, a bit of backstory on the inspiration, and said we can expect A LOT of new music from him in the future.

YMM: What was the writing/creative process like?

LB: I wrote it with my best friend, STRUAN, who was basically egging me on the entire time saying, “Yes, dude! Call her out!” Haha. More times than not, we hear the production while we’re writing the song, so recording the bones went pretty quickly. After listening to it numerous times over the course of the next month, I began hearing the different piano and guitar parts, along with other finishing touches. Then we finished it up, which is usually how the recording process goes for me.

YMM: How would you describe the vibe of “CRYING ON THE PHONE?”

LB: The few people I’ve shown it to said it’s was very LANY, which makes sense because they’re a big influence on what I do, especially how unapologetically themselves they are. The 1975 influenced a lot of what I did, guitar-wise, on the track.

YMM: What can we expect next from LVRBOY?

LB: Honestly, a lot of music. A LOT of it. Plans keep changing because, and not to jinx it, I can’t stop writing, so an EP turns into a full length turns into singles and a full-length. So there’s a lot of music. My plan is to just keep putting out good music.

You can listen to “CRYING ON THE PHONE” anywhere you can stream music and be sure to check out LVRBOY’s debut EP “ghost in my room” released earlier this year!

While you’re at it, be sure to check out the LVRBOY takeover of Your Music Muse’s “so fresh” playlist. Be sure to follow LVRBOY on social media to stay up to date with all of his latest projects.


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