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LVRBOY’s Latest Single “hurt someone” is Too Relatable

For those of you who are new to Your Music Muse, let me introduce you to LVRBOY - a Nashville-based indie-pop artist with a knack for writing moody tracks that will have you in your feels before the end of the first chorus. After releasing his first single, “now that i’m leaving,” in September 2019, LVRBOY has been busy putting out music about love and heartbreak and all the messiness that comes with it. His brand of sad boy, indie-pop has found him featured on multiple Spotify Editorial playlists, including Chill Pop, Night Pop, and Soda. If you’re a fan of FINNEAS, Lauv, or Jeremy Zucker, you’re sure to love LVRBOY’s music.

Never one to keep us waiting long, LVRBOY has blessed us with a new single, “hurt someone.” The second single from his third project, “hurt someone” steps a bit outside of LVRBOY’s usual moody melodies, giving us an upbeat pop track about emotionally hurting someone the way he’d been hurt in the past.

While “hurt someone” is more upbeat than other tracks from LVRBOY, it’s still characterized by the pensive lyrics and synth-heavy tracks that have become trademarks of LVRBOY’s sound.

LVRBOY had this to say about the track, “hurt someone' is a little different than the other songs I’ve released. It was more of a stream of consciousness in writing it and a bit more introspective.”

With this track, LVRBOY proves once again that he can transform the messy bits of relationships and the human experience into beautiful art. What resonates with me the most about “hurt someone” are the highly relatable lyrics. Whether we meant to or not, we’ve all hurt someone in a relationship at some point in our lives - even if we swore to ourselves we’d never be that person.

hurt someone” is out now anywhere you can stream music and be sure to follow LVRBOY on Instagram and Spotify to get the latest updates!


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