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STRUAN is Back with Nostalgic Indie-Pop Masterpiece, “Want You Back Now”

Rising indie-pop star STRUAN is back with “Want You Back Now,” an upbeat track that was made for all us ‘90s babies that are caught up in our early ‘00s nostalgia. Featuring upbeat melodies, an incredibly catchy chorus, and punchy guitar riffs, “Want You Back Now” embodies all the songs you jammed out to when you thought you knew what love was.

Want You Back Now” could easily be featured in any of your favorite early-aughts teen rom-coms or TV shows - The O.C. or One Tree Hill are the first to come to mind - I’m picturing a driving montage where the main character is on their way to win back their ex.

STRUAN’s music has always been about what it means to be young, making mistakes, and going through breakups - basically a soundtrack for your twenties. He says that this track and other upcoming songs are “ the part of therapy where you face the fall out from your bad decisions and say, ‘Well, damn. how did I get here?’”

Co-written with Jordan DePaul and co-produced with Julian Dente, “Want You Back Now” showcases STRUAN’s ability to craft exceptional indie-pop anthems with introspective lyrics woven into deceptively upbeat tracks.

In a recent interview, STRUAN shared the story behind “Want You Back Now,” his go-to late ‘90s and early ‘00s bands, and more. Check it out below!

YMM: Tell us the story behind “Want You Back Now.”

S: I'm the king of breaking up with someone and regretting it later. I started “Want You Back Now” late one night when I knew I was close to making a call that would get me in trouble. A few days later, my buddy Jordan DePaul and I finished it in about 30 minutes. It was a really easy and fun one to write (which is rare).

YMM: This track reminds me of my middle school and early iPod days - who were you listening to back then?

S: Yesss! That’s good news. A lot of the references for this one were ‘90s/early 00’s bands.

I went through a huge classic rock phase then, so a lot of that (lol). I liked a broad range of stuff--Coldplay, The Killers, The Fray, Ben Kweller, U2, Third Eye Blind, Sugar Ray (not even a bit ashamed) name a few.

YMM: Which late ‘90s/early’00’s bands were/are your go-to’s?

S: Third Eye Blind is my #1 for the late ‘90s (and still a go-to now). Killers #1 for the early 2000s. I’m also a huge fan of The Cure, Six Pence None the Richer, Crowded House, New Radicals.

YMM: Who should listen to “Want You Back Now”?

S: I like to think of this project as the soundtrack to my twenties. It’s always been about being young, making mistakes, and going through break-ups. I think certain songs make going through things like that not enjoyable, but much more do-able. I hope mine are among those, and ultimately I hope “Want You Back Now” is a part of the soundtrack to your youth as well.

YMM: You’ve said in the past that you’re heavily influenced by The Killers; what aspects of their music inspire you?

S: I think sonically, it’s most obvious on “Go Out With My Friends.” From the mere hours I’ve spent listening to them, it’s impossible that they haven’t influenced me. But more specifically, anthemic, cathartic songs that are sad but still upbeat (think “Mr. Brightside”) are something I am always drawn to and that I think I do best.

YMM: What’s up next for STRUAN?

S: I have a ton of songs written and recorded from the last year that I’m unbelievably excited to share. I will be releasing a lot of new music in 2021, so keep an ear out and follow on Spotify and IG to keep up xx

Want You Back Now” is available anywhere you can stream music - if you’re a ‘90s baby looking for some of that early aughts nostalgia, this one is for you! Be sure to follow STRUAN on Instagram for the latest updates and while you’re at it, be sure to give Your Music Muse a follow too.


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