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Mary Moore Teases Upcoming EP With Lead Single, “Can’t Hear”

Nashville-based indie pop/folk artist, Mary Moore, has a knack for telling stories through her music. With vocals that have been compared to Brandi Carlile with the lighthearted quirkiness of artists like Regina Spektor and Ingrid Michaelson, Mary Moore is poised to make a splash with her upcoming EP, Kaleidoscope Glasses.

She’s just released the lead single, “Can’t Hear,” a soft yet powerful track that explores the complexities of an anxious mind. With lyrics like, “Shake it off / Forget about what’s heavy / I leave it all behind...” this song feels like the breath of fresh air that we all need after the past year.

Written by Mary Moore and Samuel Lee and co-produced and mixed by Collin

Pastore and Jake Finch, “Can’t Hear” is made complete with an upbeat groove, lush guitars, and soaring vocals.

Mary had this to say about the track, “You’re driving in heavy rain and quickly go under a bridge or overpass, and for those few seconds, you are met with clarifying silence - that is what my song “Can’t Hear” is about. The song wrestles with the anxiety of never finding the perfect words to articulate your thoughts and a search for a quiet peace of mind.”

Can’t Hear” is out everywhere you can stream music. If you’re looking for a track that refreshes your senses, this is the one. Be sure to check out the rest of Mary’s music on Spotify and follow her on Instagram for the latest updates!

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