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Meet Camden, the Artist that will Make You Love "Emo Jazz"

Scrolling through Camden’s Instagram, you see about what you’d expect from a twenty-something musician living in Nashville: a quirky, hipster style, some “behind the scenes” takes, and snaps of performances, all made complete by a moody filter or two. While he hints at it in captions, you wouldn’t guess that the sound behind the man is smooth, “emo jazz”.

Camden’s music plays on the lines of future soul and dark jazz, with an essence of retro pop to top it off. Complete with emotional lyrics, soulful vocals, moody melodies, and mellow beats, there’s a rawness that immediately connects you to the lyrics and his velvety vocals allow you to get lost in the lo-fi vibes.

Camden has collaborated with artists like Pastel, Lackhoney, and Prince Fox, and has been included on Spotify curated playlists, Fresh Finds, and New Music Friday. He’s currently working on his debut EP with French producer, Pastel.

Camden and I recently chatted (virtually, of course!) about his music, influences, and how COVID-19 has impacted him. Check out our conversation below.

YMM: I love your new single, “Don’t Feel It,” that you recently put out with Pastel. What was creating that song during quarantine like for you? Did you find it easier or more challenging than traditional songwriting sessions?

C: It was more challenging for sure. He’s in London, and I’m in Nashville, so the time difference already makes communication difficult. Also, his phone broke in the middle of it all, so we ended up only being able to talk through email and Facebook messenger. It kind of made our jobs more specific though. He focused on overall production, and I focused on lyrics, vocals, and piano.

YMM: Who have you been listening to lately? Any new artists we should check out?

C: He’s not new, but the latest Mura Masa album is a culture changer. Also, Oscar Jerome is one of my favorite artists from this year that’s still kind of undiscovered.

YMM: How has your music been impacted by COVID? Has anything changed for you?

C: I was in the middle of shooting a music video, and it’s been put on hold because no one can get together to shoot anything. But then again, Pastel and I wouldn’t have released our song had it not been for quarantine, so you win some you lose some I guess.

YMM: A lot of songwriters and performers have rituals before they start a writing session or take the stage. Do you have any, if so, what are they?

C: I prefer morning writing sessions between 11 am and 3 pm, that way my mind is fresh, and I’m not worn out from the day. Before performing, I try not to eat anything too close to the time that I’m singing. It just keeps my throat clearer.

YMM: I know you have your own artist project, but I also saw you have some cuts you’ve written for other artists on different labels. If you could choose three people to write for, who would they be and why?

C: Even though my artist project is more left of center, I love the idea of writing songs for major acts like Lewis Capaldi, Adele, or Leon Bridges. They have a rawness to their artistry that makes their music instantly classic.

YMM: If you could collaborate with any band/artist/songwriter who would it be and why?

C: Being on a track with Ms. Lauryn Hill would be cool

YMM: Do you have any guilty pleasure songs or bands that give you a bit of shuffle shame?

C: I listened to Dua Lipa the other day for 20 minutes straight.

YMM: For the record, I absolutely do not consider Dua Lipa shuffle shame. I will shout that loud and proud!

YMM: What’s next for you? Do you have anything in the pipeline that you can tell us about?

C: I just released a new song with Pastel called Don’t Feel It. We released it without a label and no promotion, cause YOLO. So go show that song some love on whatever streaming platform you use.

I’m also finishing up a three-artist collaboration with a Florida beatmaker EyeLoveBrandon, and British guitarist/singer/songwriter Will Sensicle. Hopefully, we’ll have that one out along with a music video soon.

If you’re looking for some smooth beats to get you through quarantine, be sure to check out Camden’s latest single, “Don’t Feel It” featured below, and be sure to follow him on Instagram for updates and his latest music. Keep on vibin’.


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