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Leah Sykes Isn’t Saying “Sorry to the Waitress” In Her Latest Single

Calling all pop music lovers, let me introduce you to the next artist you’ll want to listen to on repeat: Leah Sykes. The Nashville-based songwriter and artist just released her latest single, “Sorry to the Waitress,” and it’s an absolute banger. No joke, I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for days.

Sorry to the Waitress” showcases a public disagreement where one party is trying to find a resolution at any cost, while the other party is more concerned about the appearance of the public argument, going so far as to say sorry to the waitress.

Sykes shared some inside information about the inspiration behind the track with me,

“This song took us two sessions to finish writing. When I came in the first day, I was bummed because I really wanted to go to Chili’s for a date night, but my husband, Devin, was not down. I explained my lighthearted frustration to my cowriters, and we decided a restaurant would make the perfect setting for our song. To this day, the shared document is still titled ‘Sorry to the Waitress // Devin goes to Chili’s’”

The track is full of relatable lyrics, catchy hooks, and upbeat melodies that complement Sykes’ distinct vocals. “Sorry to the Waitress” was co-written by Sykes, Willie Breeding, Stephen Ellrod, and Mike Robinson, who also produced the track, with mastering from Paul Blakemore.

As far as pop music goes, it doesn’t get much better than “Sorry to the Waitress.” It’s catchy, it’s relatable, and it’s perfect for driving around town with your windows down - definitely a must-listen.

Sorry to the Waitress” is out everywhere you can stream music. Be sure to follow Leah Sykes on Instagram and Facebook for her latest updates.

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