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LVRBOY Teases Third Project with New Single, “plans”

You already know that I’m a LVRBOY stan - it’s hard not to be when he keeps putting out great music - but his new single, “plans,” is here to convert any of you who were still on the fence.

Since launching the LVRBOY project in 2019, he’s taken us through the ups and downs of his relationships with his EP ghost in my room and debut album replacing you. Now, LVRBOY is gearing up for his third project with “plans,” a wistful track about having to cancel plans he’d made with an ex and not wanting to do them with anyone else.

Co-written with fellow Nashville artist STRUAN and Ian Christian with production by Asher Postman and LVRBOY, “plans” is one of the first LVRBOY songs written. More upbeat than his previous releases, the track still features the introspective and emotional lyricism that has become a hallmark of LVRBOY’s music.

One of my favorite aspects of LVRBOY’s music - and a characteristic of many a great songwriter - is his ability to tell a story and make you feel like you’re a part of that story. He’s doesn’t shy away from the deeply personal aspects of love and loss and uses that vulnerability to masterfully craft highly relatable tracks that will have you in your feels. His ability to take you to that place with each song is why LVRBOY stands out from the other sad boys.

For those of you going through a breakup or in that post-breakup stage, LVRBOY is here for you. Get ready to turn up the volume and sing along, “plans” is out everywhere you can stream music.

To stay up to date with all things LVRBOY, follow him on Instagram and Spotify.


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