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Sam Smith and Demi Lovato's "I'm Ready" Is Almost the Perfect Pop Anthem

When you hear that Sam Smith and Demi Lovato are collaborating on a song, you expect an epic, soulful ballad. Between Smith's iconic crooning and Lovato's pitch-perfect vocal runs, a piano-heavy pop ballad just makes sense. What you don't expect is a pop anthem complete with an edgy beat and gospel choir, which is exactly what the duo delivers.

While we've come to expect catchy pop anthems from Lovato (does her latest single, "I Love Me," ring any bells?), "I'm Ready" is a new direction for Smith. The song still has elements of their signature - piano chords in the chorus, incredible vocal gymnastics throughout, and the gospel choir is a nod to the style we've come to expect from them - but the sensual beat and dance elements of the song give us a peek into a more playful side of Smith.

"I'm Ready" features a pulsating bassline and Smith singing in a lower register than we typically hear from them, add in Lovato's sultry vocals and perfect vocal runs and the result is an edgy, sensual pop anthem that we didn't know we needed.

And then we get to the chorus.

The chorus is the only letdown in this otherwise perfect pop anthem. While the chorus rewards us with some beautiful harmonies between Smith and Lovato, we lose the edgy beat that drives the rest of the song. The beat falls out, simple piano chords take over, and the momentum that carries the rest of the song gets drowned out by a repetitive chorus that replaces the otherwise clever lyrics. Even the addition of the gospel choir and perfect harmonies from Smith and Lovato can't save it.

Disappointing chorus aside, this track is still a vibe. I'd go so far as to say it's almost the perfect pop song. Smith and Lovato deliver an energetic bop that makes you root for them to find the love they're ready for. I hope this collaboration is the first of many from Smith and Lovato and look forward to what they'll bring us next.


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