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Camden Explores the Beauty of Chance Encounters in New Single, “What Are the Odds”

You may remember Camden, the Nashville-based moody, “emo jazz” artist, from his feature on the blog last April. Well, he’s back with another smooth, soulful single, “What Are the Odds”, that explores the beauty in unexpected human connections and chance encounters.

A collaborative effort between Camden; British guitarist and singer-songwriter, Will Sensicle; and Florida-based beat maker, EyeLoveBrandon, “What Are the Odds” just makes you feel good. After all the chaos that’s gone on over the past year and the social isolation we’ve collectively experienced, this track reminds you that good things, like unexpected human connections, are just around the corner.

What Are the Odds” has that warm, bossa nova style that immediately transports you to another world. Camden’s smooth vocals spread over the soulful track like velvet, while the guitar solo makes you feel like you’re in a cozy European cafe. To put it simply, this track will soothe and comfort your soul.

The new single was recently featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday UK playlist, which just goes to show this is not a track you should skip. “What Are the Odds” is available everywhere you can stream music. Stay tuned for the music video launching on February 10 - just in time for that cozy Valentine’s Day date night.

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